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ZEISS Measuring Strategies Cookbook - English Edition

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This "Measurement Strategies Cookbook" contains some of the most common measurement tasks (the measurement task frequency was determined in a study by the Carl Zeiss Global Application Knowledge Group). These "Default Recipes" are a good starting point to approach a measuring task when there is no further information on the measuring task. They are only general suggestions - if you know more about the production and function of your part, you can better adapt the setting values to your measuring task. Please do not forget to always document in writing any deviations from the default settings.

If you want to use these recipes (measuring strategies), you can refer to them already in the PMI in the CAD model (as a designer) or in the measuring program (as a measuring technician), always using the recipe naming convention. For example, if you want to measure the position of a cut threaded hole as described here in the cookbook ("R111L" on page 44), you can name the inspection characteristic "Tapped Hole_22_R111L" in your CNC measuring program. This makes it clear that the cookbook strategy R111L was used. This increases the comparability of your programming and your measurement results.

11th edition; 06/2019
© Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology

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