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Measurement Strategies in Tactile Coordinated Metrology - English Edition

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There is hardly any workpiece today whose shape parameters cannot be measured with coordinate measuring machines. The universal applicability of the devices enables a wide range of applications for this technology, but inevitably increases the complexity of handling. The large scope of device-specific operating software on the one hand, and the many theoretical considerations for the targeted processing of measuring tasks on the other hand, mean that measuring results determined with the same coordinate measuring machine on the same workpiece under comparable environmental conditions can differ significantly from one another.In order to increase the comparability of measuring results, it is therefore necessary - in addition to a well-founded AUKOM training - to provide the operators of the coordinate measuring machines with procedures to define and document measuring strategies (including clamping, reference setting, probing, evaluation and result display) in detail. This book from the ZEISS Metrology Academy makes a valuable contribution here.3rd completely revised edition