CMG PRISMO, 700 X 900 mm, 1 plate, M6, 50mm grid product photo Front View L

CMG PRISMO, 700 X 900 mm, 1 plate, M6, 50mm grid

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The grid plates serve as the base for setting up the fixtures for the ZEISS kit system. These are designed for coordinate measuring machines' different measuring ranges and are equipped with mounting holes for assembly on the coordinate measuring
machines. All plates are hard anodized to ensure optimal protection against wear. The grid with holes spaced 50 x 50 mm apart for setting up the ZEISS fixture components features M6 threaded holes. Each base plate is equipped with recessed grips on all four sides for better handling. Heavy grid plates are delivered with ring bolts for easier handling. With this special design, the probe rack cannot be screwed to the rear but to the side of the machine (in Y direction, right - see drawing under media).
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Grid Pallet

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