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Accretech SURFCOM TOUCH 40

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Portable-type entry model in the SURFCOM TOUCH series useful in any measurement situationSmall and light tracing drivers selectable for application. In addition to horizontal surface, measurement on vertical surface with the driver and in narrow areas with transverse trace can be performed. Skid-measurement-type for measurement with different attitudes.The pickup, that comes in contact with the workpiece is replaceable. Various types of workpieces can be measured by using optional pickups such as those for small or extremely small holes, deep grooves, etc.Intuitive and easy-to-use screen for condition setting, calibration, measurement and analysis.Multi-language support available worldwide. Easy-to-follow user's guide/quick reference guide.USB/micro USB ports as standard equipment. Measurement results can be printed quickly.40 (Retraction type) Retract-type that reduces damage to the stylus and pickup by raising the pickup while waiting for measurement or at ending. It can be used as a detector incorporated into an automatic machine.• Portable, Micro-Processor with 7 LCD touch screen• Retract Skidded Tracing Driver (16 mm X-axis)• Transducer Pickup (-210 +160um) w/ Stylus 5umR (E-DT-SM10A)• 28 Roughness Parameters w/ Ra, Rq, Rmax, Rt, Rz, Rp, Rk, Pc, Tp...• 5 International Standards / 7 International Languages• Calibration Ra Roughness Specimen (E-MC-S24C)• USB/Micro USB port for program setup and measurement result storage• Thermal Array Printer (50mm wide) for high speed output, with printer paper (E-CH-S25A)• Connecting Cable (E-CS-S646A) and AC Adapter (E-MA-S59B)• Rear Driver Support, Extension Cable, Calibration Stand• Operator Manual (English) with Digital I/O Specifications• Includes SupportWare II software for PC reporting

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