Accretech HANDYSURF+ 45 (5 µm)

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Portable surface texture measuring instrument 2.4 inch color LCD has significantly improved the visibility. 6 buttons and newly developed UI have achieved simple and intuitive operations. Graphic representation of measurement results enables their on-site verification with parameter and waveform. Waveform types can be easily changed by the icon at the top of the screen. Enlargement function and automatic OK/NG judgment function using set upper and lower limits are available for parameters. HANDYSURF+ is also capable of a variety of analyses including BAC, ADC, peak count and motif analysis, despite being a portable type. The instrument has the Z direction measuring range of 370 μm and achieved a resolution as high as 0.0007 μm over the entire range. The handy tracing driver in the HANDYSURF+ 35 and 40  can be used while stored in the amplifier as well as away from the amplifier by connecting the extension cable. Not available for this HANDYSURF+ 4540 (Transverse trace-type). The transverse trace-type where the pickup moves sideways. Narrow areas, such as crankshaft pins and journals, that were difficult to measure before can now be measured. • Portable, Micro-Processor with LCD display (E-MD-S180A) • 12.5mm Skidded Tracing Driver, removable type (E-RM-S173A) • Transducer Pickup (+/- 160μm) w/ 5 μmR stylus (E-DT-SM10A) • 28 Roughness parameters w/ Ra, Rq, Rmax, Rt, Rz, Rp, Rk, Pc, Tp… • 5 International Standards / 7 International Languages • Calibration Ra Roughness Specimen (E-MC-S24B) • RS-232C PC Connector • Rear driver support, Extension cable, Handy case • AC adapter 120v (E-SC-S119A) • Operator Manual (English) with Digital I/O Specifications
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