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Stylus Kit, 25 pcs

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stylus kit with styli with tungsten carbide and ThermoFit® shaft and ruby balls, ThermoFit® extensions, various clampable connection elements and tooling

1x 626103-6110-004 clamp screw

2x 626103-6110-005 clamp screw with thread

1x 626109-0026-000 XXT-styli fit-up aid

3x 000000-0015-323 pin wrench 1,1

1x 626103-6110-001 cube 90 degree, single

1x 626103-6110-002 cube 180 degree, double

1x 626103-6110-003 cube, star

1x 626103-6180-001 knuckle joint DG5

1x 626103-5100-000 stylus extension TF 5x100

1x 626103-5050-000 stylus extension TF 5x50

1x 626103-0500-075 stylus TF, SiN 5x75

1x 626103-0300-050 stylus TF, ruby 3x50

2x 626103-0300-033 stylus TF, ruby 3x33

2x 626103-0500-030 stylus TF, ruby 5x30

2x 626113-0200-020 stylus HM, ruby 2x20

2x 626113-0150-020 stylus HM, ruby 1,5x20

2x 626113-0100-020 stylus HM, ruby 1x20
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