CMM Check 1.0 Ultra, calibrated (Software not included)

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The CMM Check Ultra is used for intermediate testing coordinate measuring machines according to DIN EN ISO 10360-2, 10360-3, 10360-4, and VDI/VDE 2617 sheet 6.1: ・Sensor deviation of the probe system ・Scanning deviation of the probe system ・Length measurement deviation Deviations are checked tactile.

  • Enables the intermediate checking of the most accurate CMMs such as XENOS, MICURA and PRISMO ultra
  • Simple intermediate inspection based on ISO 10360 without additional software
  • Test the main accuracy specifications using a single test specimen
  • Test specimens and calibration from a single source
product type

Test body for inspecting CMMs consisting of a rigid body equipped with

  • 2 Parallel gauges, lengths 50 mm and 400 mm (Class 0)
  • 1 Ring Gauge, diameter 50 mm (Roundness deviation ≤ 0.2 mm at medium measurement level)
  • 1 Precision ceramic sphere, diameter 30 mm (spherical deviation ≤ 0.1)
  • 1 Flick normal, diameter 50 mm (Precision cylinder with two ground sections)
  • 2 Additional ceramic precision spheres for rotary table check, diameter 30 mm


  • Raised columns (extensions) for test body
  • Styli for both XXT and VAST sensors
  • Transport case with lock and foam insert
  • DAkkS calibration certificate accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

Required items not incuded

  • Software PC Bonded (CALYPSO test plan for measurement and evaluation)
  • Styli adaptor plates

This CMM Check is suitable for MICURA, PRISMO ultra, XENOS

Product note

The software is not included and must be purchased separately. A software license is required for each coordinate measuring device.

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