REACH CFX 1 - Extension, M5

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Extension, carbon fiber CFX 1, M5 thread, L: 80, DG: 20, weight: 30 g
To ensure that you always measure with the highest possible accuracy, ZEISS will no longer sell aluminum and titanium extensions. With the new ZEISS REACH CFX1 you get extensions made from carbon fiber - the state-of-the-art material for extensions - for the same investment.
ZEISS REACH CFX 1 recommended for: ZEISS SPECTRUM, ZEISS CONTURA and comparable CMMs.
product type
Connection Type
Length (L)
80.0 mm
Ø Body (DG)
20.0 mm
Extension Type
Stylus Extension
Connection Type Out
30.0 g
Accuracy Level
Standard - CFX 1

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