Extension with cone receiver,  REACH CFX 3+ product photo Front View L

M5, Extension, straight, ZEISS REACH CFX® 3+

Light weight - build complex stylus systems
Thermally stable - no thermal expansion of the material and associated loss of precision
Statically stiff - maximum stiffness allows faster scanning without loss of precision
Carbon fiber tubes - developed by ZEISS

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ZEISS REACH CFX® 3+ extensions are designed with two index pins to prevent them from rotating. The angular alignment on the cube always remains constant, even after multiple removal and attachment. At the end of each extension, a cone receiver is mounted. The extension features ZEISS REACH CFX® 3 technology, which exhibits virtually no expansion or torsion with fluctuations in ambient temperature.
ZEISS ThermoFit® Pro becomes REACH CFX® 3+ - new name, same performance. ZEISS REACH CFX® 3 recommended for: ZEISS PRISMO, ZEISS PRISMO fortis, ZEISS ACCURA and comparable CMMs.

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