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OmniFix Tailstock jaws 120 mm

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Tailstock jaws can be used to extend the application range of the OmniFix metrologist vise to tailstock applications. Cylindrical components with centerings and tubes up to 10 mm diameter can be easily clamped with the vise. An additional clamping device is therefore not necessary. The conversion is simply done by exchanging the interchangeable jaws and then positioning the tips (rigid or spring-loaded) in the front sided threads.

Product Type


  • Suitable for OmniFix metrologist vises width 120 mm
  • Expansion to tailstock applications 
  • Clamping possibility for tubes and cylindrical components with centering

Product information:

  • Jaws: outer dimensions: 154x29x16 mm (LxWxH), stepped with 10 pin holes, 4 frontal threaded holes M6 (for cone inserts), Material: stainless steel
  • Rigid cone insert: outer dimensions: Ø11 x 16 mm, Connection thread: M6
  • Spring-loaded cone inserts: outer dimensions: Ø11 x 22,5 mm, Connection thread: M6, Spring force 18 N

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 set = 2 clamping jaws
  • 1 set = 2 rigid cone inserts
  • 1 set = 2 spring loaded cone inserts
  • 1 set = 4 fixing screws M5

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