Stylus with thread, M5, cylindrical ball

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✔ Ruby spherical cylinder for measuring thin workpiece edges
✔ Ideally suited for use in the XXT area
Weight-optimized through use of selected material
Proven ZEISS quality through the use of selected materials

Similar to a straight cylindrical styli, spherical cylindrical styli are mostly used for sheet metal measurement and measurement at sheet metal edges. These styli have a spherical end that can be additionally used to measure surfaces. Styli with a straight shaft are the most simple designed styli. The full shaft length can be used as measuring length.

Product information:
Ruby styli are the standard for almost all applications and are available in a variety of different diameters. Another advantage is that ruby spheres can be produced in very small diameters (from 0.12 mm). On the other hand, ruby has weaknesses at the continuous scanning of certain materials and surfaces. With extremely soft materials, e.g. aluminum, material from the workpiece can be deposited on the ruby surface ("material deposit"). Very hard and rough surfaces, e.g. castings, on the other hand, cause abrasion of the sphere ("material removal"). The shape of the sphere changes as a result and loses accuracy.

Product note:
Depending on the material of the styli and the workpiece, wear of the styli may occur. Therefore, we recommend to check the styli regularly for wear. Also remember to clean the styli or replace them if necessary. ZEISS Stylus Cleaning Wipes are available.

To learn more about ZEISS styli, book our free stylus eLearning on the ZEISS eLearning platform.

product type
Connection Type
Ø Sphere (DK)
2.0 mm
Length (L)
20.0 mm
Ø Shaft (DS)
1.0 mm
Ø Body (DG)
11.0 mm
Stylus Type
Stylus Tip
Spherical Cylinder
Styl. Tip Mat.
Shaft Mat.
Tung. Carb
Width (B)
5.0 g

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