Stylus Kit, Assortment of M2 and M3, 36 pcs product photo Front View L

Stylus Kit, Assortment of M2 and M3, 36 pcs

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602030-8002-000 stylus with thread, M2 602030-8382-000 stylus holder for 5 styli, M3 602030-8381-000 stylus holder for 5 styli, M2 000000-1018-201 tools spanner for probe, M3 602030-8341-000 adapter/reduction, M3 bolt, M2 drill hole 602030-8102-000 stylus with thread, M3 602030-8301-000 stylus extension, M3, Inox 602030-9101-000 knuckle joint, M2, Inox 602030-9102-000 knuckle joint, M3, Inox 602030-8302-000 stylus extension, M3, Inox 602030-0001-000 pin wrench, 1,2 602030-8322-000 stylus extension, M2, Inox 602030-0002-000 hex wrench DIN 911, BSW1,5 602030-8101-000 stylus with thread, M3 602030-8303-000 stylus extension, M3, Inox 602030-8304-000 stylus extension, M3, Inox 602030-8001-000 stylus with thread, M2 602030-8324-000 stylus extension, M2, Inox 602030-0021-000 hex wrench DIN 911, BSW2,5 602030-8325-000 stylus extension, M2, Inox 602030-8305-000 stylus extension, M3, Inox 602030-8005-000 stylus with thread, M2 602030-8003-000 stylus with thread, M2 602030-8021-000 stylus with thread, M3 602030-8034-000 stylus with thread, M2
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