ZEISS stylus cleaning wipes (50 pieces)

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The professional solution for thorough and gentle cleaning of high-quality measuring equipment. The alcohol-free composition of the ingredients ensures gentle cleaning of the components. Adhesive joints are not affected, so a maximum service life of all components can be guaranteed.

  • Gentle cleaning
  • Removes dust/oil/grease
  • Avoidance of incorrect measurements
  • Longer service life of accessories
  • Avoidance of service calls due to dirty exchange plates
product type
Cleaning Cloth

ZEISS stylus cleaning wipes

Application examples: Styli, calibration balls, exchangeable plates, standards and much more.

Cloth size: 14cm x 14cm

Ingredients: Methylisothiazolinones, Benzisothiazolinones, Octylisothiazolinones.

Scope of delivery: 1 pack cleaning wipes (50pcs).

Product note

Application engineers recommend daily testing of probes and calibration standards

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