Omnifix gripper basic set, size 50, 16-piece

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Grippers for clamping or holding components are used for simple measuring tasks. In contrast to screwdrivers, this gripper has perfect accessibility from all four sides. Especially for applications with VAST XXT measuring heads with the small approved designs this is often very helpful. As a result, only small strokes can be realized. This disadvantage can of course be compensated by a skillful design of the jaws. The gripper is supplied with stepped jaws made of plastic, but the actual strength lies in the possibility of using adapted jaws, for example made of 3D printing, and thus gripping the components according to their geometry.

  • very flexible for different applications
  • very good accessibility from every side
  • various adaption possibilities
product type

Scope of delivery: 1 x aluminum base body (50 x 44 x 22 mm) 2 x knurled clamping screw M8 2 x short clamping screws M8 1 x side stop 1 x aluminum adaptor for 3 jaw chuck Ø40/Ø20 mm 1 x aluminum adaptor plate for M4/M6 pitch pattern 50 x 50 mm 2 x stepped jaw plastic jaw width 40 mm 1 x block jaw plastic jaw width 40 mm 1 x prism jaw plastic jaw width 40 mm 4 x pins Fixing screws

Product note

This gripper is also available in a plastic version for use in X-Ray systems

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