The stylus extensions with the M3 thread for touch trigger probe systems, which are suitable for ZEISS RST and for systems of this standard from other manufacturers can be found here. There are eight lengths to choose from - so that you can tackle your measuring task without compromise. The extensions are made of stainless steel or titanium.
M3, Extension, Inox 
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M3, Extension, Titanium 
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M3 extensions: For switching measuring head systems

M3 extensions: For switching measuring head systems

Fast point sequences on any surface: This is how the ZEISS RST touch trigger probe system, which is used in automotive, machine, tool and mold construction, scores points. It allows single point measurements to be made in order to record the measured values quickly and dynamically. This is also possible for measuring tasks at an angle, with equal precision from all probing directions. The system does not need to be recalibrated each time. One special field is length measurement on prismatic parts. With ZEISS RST M3 extensions you can reach the surface to be measured reliably and with pinpoint accuracy.
Stainless steel and titanium extensions

Stainless steel and titanium extensions

M3 extensions made of stainless steel or titanium are stable and suitable for measuring tasks where the mass of the extension is not decisive. The parameters probing force, permissible stylus weight and accessibility determine which extension is suitable for which measuring task. Especially bores and deep measuring points that are difficult to access can be reached in this way. It is important to consider the amount of deflection when selecting an extension – which will vary based on the shaft diameter and length.Our M3 extensions are also suitable for touch trigger probe head system from other manufacturers.