Adapter plates VAST/VAST Gold standard with M5 adaption

The Zeiss adapter plate is read out and recognized from the measuring head. For a CNC controlled automatic stylus system change, the adapter plate (including the attached elements such as styli and extensions) is placed in the MT/VAST tray (600660-8365-000). This is located in theprobe rack (MSR / ProMax) provided for this purpose.

Standard adapter plates consist of the actual base body made of aluminum with 3 glued-in rollers for adaptation to the measuring head. The measured values are mechanically transmitted to the measuring head via this three-point connection.

A chip is installed in the plate, which uniquely identifies the adapter plate and allows the control unit to carry out safety and monitoring functions. This chip also allows to implement additional software options.

An adapter with a M5 connection is adapted to the adapter plate. This is fastened by the opposite anchor plate with 3 screws. Any M5 styli or extensions can be connected to this interface in Z-direction. When fixing the cubes, a tightening torque of 2.0 Nm must be strictly observed.

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