Machine Accessories

  • Sensor Racks
    Sensor Racks
    Sensor racks are used to store stylus systems and probes when not actively in use. Use these sensor racks for increas...
  • Pallet Systems and Clamping Plates
    Pallet Systems and Clamping Plates
    With pallets, workpieces can be clamped off the measuring device and in advance of the measurement. Within a few sec...
  • Workpiece Fixturing
    Workpiece Fixturing
    Fixture systems are available for ZEISS O-INSPECT, METROTOM, and the surface and form measuring machines Surfcom, Con...
  • Temperature Measurement
    Temperature Measurement
    Temperature sensors and interfaces for the measurement of your workpiece temperature.
  • Reference Spheres and Holders
    Reference Spheres and Holders
    Reference spheres are used for the calibration of stylus systems.
  • Calibration Artifacts
    Calibration Artifacts
    Verify the coordinate measurement machine
  • For COMET  & T-SCAN
    For COMET & T-SCAN
    Accessories for 3D Scanning
The perfect accessories for ZEISS coordinate measuring machines