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MSR Duplex

The Multi Sensor Rack duplex offers two MSR on one CMM. To change the current MSR, it has to be pushed out of the measuring range, rotated through 180° and replaced into the measuring range again. You can instantly continue with your measurements with a new set of styli. The MSR duplex has two sensor rack units, one of which is accesible for the CMM during operation. The second MSR unit can be utilized by rotating the complete MSR duplex. The handling is manual and the racks are fixed within the measuring range for best reproducibility. The direction of rotation can be chosen individually. Please consider the turning radius (excluding probe sockets and stylus systems) as well as the required clearance behind the granite in Y+direction.
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MSR duplex X=700
Product ID: 626100-9304-000
$ 9,839.00
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MSR duplex X=900
Product ID: 626100-9314-000
$ 10,276.00
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MSR duplex X=1200
Product ID: 626100-9324-000
$ 10,888.00
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MSR duplex
Product ID: 626100-9334-000
$ 9,200.00
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