Stylus tip M3, L61 product photo Front View L
Stylus tip M3, L61 product photo

M3 RENISHAW, Tip styli, tungsten carbide tip, tungsten carbide shaft

Stylus tip M3, L61

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Tip or taper styli for self-centering probing of grooves and small bores. In addition they are used for point probing of precisely specified positions. M3 thread for ZEISS RST, Renishaw SP and Hexagon HP-S sensors.

Not for ZEISS VAST XXT sensors (see product notes).

  • Tungsten carbide cone tip for self-centering probing
  • Tungsten carbide shaft with high rigidity
  • Straight shaft with longer measuring length
  • Proven ZEISS quality through high-end manufacturing
Product Type
Connection Type
Length (L)
61.0 mm
Ø Body (DG)
4.0 mm
Ø Shaft (DS)
3.0 mm
Measurement Length (ML)
51.0 mm
Stylus Type
Pointer Stylus
Stylus Tip Geometry
Stylus Tip Material
Tung. Carb.
Shaft Material
Tung. Carb.
Angle 1 (W1)
30.0 °
6.2 g

Product note

It is not recommended to mix M3 RENISHAW elements with ZEISS XXT systems. The differnt base diameters may cause a loose connection, resulting in measuring errors.

Depending on the material of the stylus and the workpiece, wear or material deposits may collect on the stylus. Therefore, regularly check your styli under a microscope and clean or replace them if damaged. Depending on the type and degree of contamination, a wide range of cleaning agents are available. ZEISS application engineers recommend stylus cleaning wipes or microfiber cloths.

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