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Cleaning cloth Absorbond TX 409 (300 pcs.)

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Made of very soft non-woven fabric, this polyester cloth is particularly suitable for cleaning surfaces that are sensitive to scratches. Due to the hydroentanglement of the nonwoven, it is less linty than conventionally manufactured cloths, which is why it is widely used especially in the optical industry and in metrology. Due to its high capillary action and good absorption values, the wipe is popular in a wide range of applications, such as surface cleaning of oils and greases. The cloth is non-abrasive and impresses with its low contamination values

  • soft fleece for sensitive surfaces
  • high capillary action
  • good absorption values
  • non-abrasive
Product Type
Cleaning Cloth

Material: Polyester size: 23x23 cm Weight: 42 g/m² Non-woven fabric made of 100% polyester (non-woven), hydro-bonded Very soft fleece Especially suitable for scratch sensitive surfaces No surfactants Absorbency is five times higher than the weight of the cloth

Delivery form: laid VPE: 300 pieces (2 x 150 pieces)

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