Complete reference sphere kit, DK 30, 187 mm, (Matt finish) Magnetic base

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$ 1,750.00Sales tax not included
product type
Reference Set
Ø Sphere (DK)
30.0 mm
Length (L)
187.0 mm
Styl. Tip Mat.
Tung. Carb.
Stainl. St.

Reference Sphere Holder (RSH)

  • lenght: 187 mm
  • connection thread: M6
  • magnetic base

Reference Sphere DK 30, DG 18, M6, Matt finish tungsten carbide For optical applications, Eagle Eye

  • diameter sphere: DK = 30 mm
  • diameter base element: DG = 18 mm
  • length: L = 85 mm
  • connection thread: M6
  • material of sphere: matt fininsh tungsten carbide
  • Surface porosity: N/A
  • Sphericity: less than µ3

Includes carry case and tools Includes calibraton certificate

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