Adapter plate ST3, set of 2 product photo Front View L
Adapter plate ST3, set of 2 product photo

Adapter plate ST3, set of 2

$ 510.00Sales tax not included

Adapter plate for the ST3 probe head.

Product Type
Adapter Plate
Connection Type
Measuring Sensor
136.0 g

A maximum weight of 200 g may be suspended from the adapter plate, including the adapter plate. The length of a stylus system including extension must not exceed 200 mm. 136 g/pc.

Two ST3 adapter plates

Product note

The features of ZEISS measuring machines and the guaranteed machine specifications are only guaranteed when using original ZEISS exchangeable plates. There is a not insignificant negative influence on accuracy and stability if adapter plates from unknown / non-certified manufacturers are used. Check the necessity of performing the DeviceActovator when using a new ZEISS adapter plate. Further information and operating instructions are available at the following link in the Download Center:

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