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ProMax for ZEISS O-INSPECT 322

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ProMax for automated probe change and full usage of ZEISS O-INSPECT 322 measurement volume.

Includes MCA signal converter and cabling. Does not include a probe rack.

Requires either the 626100-9382-020 (3 position) or 626100-9382-021 (5 position) probe rack. Two additional holes are required for M6*10 screws in the machine casing of the OI322.

Mounting the Modbus CAN adapter, laying the cables and attaching the protective housing to the machine requires skilled knowledge and may only be handled by ZEISS service technicians (quoted seperately).

Mounting the ProMax changes the installation dimensions of the O-INSPECT 322.

The distance to the wall must be at least 500 mm. If the distance is smaller, the CMM must be moved.

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