Adapter plate extension, Adapter-1x-M5 Pro FM-L56,5 product photo Adapter plate extension, Adapter-1x-M5 Pro FM-L56,5 product photo Back View S


Adapter plate extension, Adapter-1x-M5 Pro FM-L56,5

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Plate extensions are fastened directly to the adaptor plate at the point where the greatest force is applied. The use of plate extensions makes sense wherever it is not necessary to use a cube directly on the adaptor plate. This saves weight and removes a connection, thus increases the rigidity of the overall system. The M5 thread and the two index holes enable the connection of additional standard and M5 pro elements in the Z direction. The M5 pro connections increase reliability for production measurements due to torsion-proof mounting.

  • Plate extension to reduce the number of connections
  • REACH CFX® 3 quality for most applications
  • M5 pro connection provides torsion-proof mounting
  • Lightweight - allows for complex stylus systems
  • Thermally stable - no thermal expansion and the associated measuring errors
  • Maximum rigidity enables faster scanning without loss of precision
  • Carbon fiber tubes - developed by ZEISS with special winding
Product Type
Connection Type
M5 Pro
Length (L)
25.0 mm
Ø Body (DG)
20.0 mm
Measurement Length (ML)
56.5 mm
Extension Type
Plate Extension VAST / MT
Carbon Fiber
Connection Type Out
M5 Pro
Measuring Sensor
48.0 g
Accuracy Level
Medium - CFX 3

Consisting of: Titanium adapter for connection to adaptor plate Ø20 mm CFX® 3 carbon fiber tube Titanium adapter with M5 pro index holes for connecting additional components in the Z-direction.

Product note

ZEISS ThermoFit becomes REACH CFX® 3 - new name, same performance. Over 70% of measurement errors and fluctuations in reproducibility are due to unsuitable extensions. Especially with longer extensions, the influence on the stability of the measurement is very high.

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