Adapter plate VAST, multiple styli holder product photo Front View L
Adapter plate VAST, multiple styli holder product photo

Adapter plates VAST/VAST Gold, M5, multi adapt.

Adapter plate VAST, multiple styli holder

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Multiple probe holders are used, among other things, for gear measurement with rotary table. Preferably, they are used for external gears of the cylindrical gear, bevel gear, worm, rotor/screw compressor and hob type. Multiple styli and extensions can be attached. The multiple holder, made of high-strength titanium, is attached to an original VAST adapter plate via a ZEISS Reach CFX3 plate extension with a length of 70 mm. A total of 26 M5 connection points can accommodate styli and extensions

  • ID chip label 100% identification of the correct probe system in the firmware/software to avoid collisions and incorrect measurements
  • Safe handling of the stylus system (no incorrect pick-up possible in the stylus scoket)
  • Improvement of system performance (VAST Performance FlyScan QuickChange)
  • More information on the control panel display (name, coordinates, measuring force, angle)
Product Type
Multiple Position
Connection Type
Length (L)
70.0 mm
Measurement Length (ML)
116.5 mm
Connection Type Out
Measuring Sensor
Width (B)

Combinable sensor technology: VAST probe heads (VAST XT Gold and VAST Gold) for probe VAST XTR gold: no rotation functionality (collision protection ring is mandatory) Usable options: VAST Performance Kit FlyScan and QuickChange Combinable probe socket: MT/VAST probe socket 600660-8365-000 A maximum weight of 800 g may be suspended from the adapter plate, (adapter plate included). The length of a stylus system may not exceed 800 mm. Adapter plate MT/VAST, M5, multiple styli holder, titanium, L70, ML116,5, D20, weight: 391g

VAST adapter plate with with extension and multiple styli holder and active ID chip Not included in the scope of delivery: Collision protection ring: 600664-8410-000 and labeling clips 626119-0010-000

Product note

The features of ZEISS measuring machines and the guaranteed machine specifications are only guaranteed when using original ZEISS exchangeable plates. All functions of the VAST Performance Kit can only be used in combination with ZEISS exchangeable plates. There is a not insignificant negative influence on accuracy and stability if adapter plates from unknown / non-certified manufacturers are used. Check the necessity of performing the DeviceActovator when using a new ZEISS adapter plate. Further information and operating instructions are available at the following link in the Download Center:

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