Stylus Kit, M5, 25 pcs product photo Front View L
Stylus Kit, M5, 25 pcs product photo


Stylus Kit, M5, 25 pcs

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The styli and extension kit offers a variety of different ThermoFit® extensions and plate extensions with cubes. Styli with ruby or silicon nitride balls are included. Suitable tooling completes the assortment. The individual components are kept in a safe place and neatly arranged in the foam inlay.

1x 626107-2050-110 plate extension, TF silver, L50, cube 20
1x 626107-1060-100 stylus extension, TF silver, 11x60
1x 626107-1080-100 stylus extension, TF silver, 11x80
1x 626107-1120-100 stylus extension, TF silver, 11x120
1x 626107-2060-100 stylus extension, TF silver, 20x60
1x 626107-2080-100 stylus extension, TF silver, 20x80
1x 626107-2180-100 stylus extension, TF silver, 20x180
1x 626105-0511-075 stylus TF, SiN 5x75
1x 626105-0821-114 stylus TF, SiN 8x114
2x 626105-0301-033 stylus TF, SiN 3x33
1x 602030-8066-000 stylus carbide, ruby 2x32
1x 602030-8064-000 stylus carbide, ruby 1,5x32
2x 600341-8361-000 cube B15
1x 626105-6280-020 rotary joint DG11, L20
1x 626109-0015-000 screw M5, L20, ML15
1x 626109-0016-000 screw M5, L25, ML20
1x 626109-0017-000 screw M5, L27, ML22
1x 000000-0015-247 hex wrench, SW3
1x 000000-0015-248 hex wrench, SW4
2x 626109-0012-000 hook wrench DG11
2x 626109-0013-000 hook wrench DG20

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