Pallet cabinet (large)

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Safely store your pallets, mounting hardware and tooling away from dust and dirt.

The pallet cabinet has five drawers in different heights:
2x 100 mm with closed front
2x 175 mm front with window
1x 350 mm front with window

The drawers can be pulled out completely and are locked against each other. The handles can be labeled individually, and the entire cabinet can be locked.

The first drawer can be used to store tooling. It can be split for better organization (dividers available as an option). Anti-slip mats are also available to prevent styli and tooling from moving in the pallets.

The pallet cabinet large (800 x 750 x 1000 mm) serves for storage of pallets OMEGA 322, OMEGA 543, THETA 55 or TAS pallets (one pallet per drawer). Drawer size: 675 x 625 mm.
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Pallet Cabinet

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