Three jaw chuck kit for DuraMax rotary table product photo Front View L
Three jaw chuck kit for DuraMax rotary table product photo


Three jaw chuck kit for DuraMax rotary table

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Three-jaw ring chucks are mainly used for clamping cylindrical or ring parts at low clamping forces. In contrast to chucks for machining workpieces, the clamping force must be significantly lower in measuring technology, otherwise there is a risk of deformation of the components. By clamping by hand with the clamping ring, the components can be clamped exactly with the clamping force required in each case.

With interchangeable jaws, you can conveniently adapt the ring chuck to your requirements. Special jaws manufactured in-house can also be adapted. The kit version for the DuraMax rotary table is equipped with a mounted adaptation to the rotary table and also includes a reference sphere to qualifiy the rotary table.

  • Ultra-light aluminum ring chuck
  • Extremely low height
  • Optimum accessibility
  • With integrated adapter plate for DuraMax rotary tables
  • Optimum flexibility through the use of interchangeable jaws
Product Type
  • Body made of high-strength aluminum, hard-coated, black
  • Outer diameter Ø190 mm
  • Repeat clamping accuracy 0.025 mm
  • Torque max. 15 Nm
  • Total clamping force max.1,5±15% kN
  • Weight approx. 3,8 kg
  • Clamping range: rotary jaws 4 - 172 mm, drilling jaws 4 - 160 mm
  • Largest swing diameter (at max. clamping diameter) 210 mm
  • Adapter plate made of aluminum, hard-coated, black
  • Outside diameter 270 mm

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 set = 3 hardened turning / drilling jaws, stepped outwards or inwards
  • 1 set = 3 unhardened jaw blanks
  • 1 clamping key and, depending on the lathe chuck, corresponding fastening screws or bolts
  • integrated adapter ülate to DuraMax rotary table
  • reference sphere DK25 (600332-8445-000
  • tool set

Product note

To maintain the function and quality of the chuck, it must be serviced at regular intervals. See the enclosed operating instructions. Chuck must be as free of grease and silicone as possible. Lubricated with Interflon Fin Super Id. 367508.

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