Disk stylus M5, DK30 L120 product photo Front View L
Disk stylus M5, DK30 L120 product photo

M5, Disc styli, ceramic disc, tungsten carbide shaft

Disk stylus M5, DK30 L120

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Disc styli to measure rotationally symmetrical workpieces with undercuts or recesses and cylinders. M5 thread for VAST active scanning sensors.

  • Discs for grooves, undercuts in boreholes and similar
  • Lightweight ceramic disc for more precision
  • Tungsten carbide shaft with high rigidity
  • Straight shaft with longer measuring length
  • Proven ZEISS quality through high-end manufacturing
Product Type
Connection Type
Length (L)
120.0 mm
Ø Body (DG)
11.0 mm
Ø Shaft (DS)
8.0 mm
Ø Sphere (DK)
30.0 mm
Measurement Length (ML)
107.0 mm
Stylus Type
Disk Stylus
Stylus Tip Geometry
Stylus Tip Material
Shaft Material
Tung. Carb.
Width (B)
91.4 g

Product note

Depending on the material of the stylus and the workpiece, wear or material deposits may occur. Therefore, regularly check your styli under a microscope and remember to clean them or replace them if damaged. Depending on the type and degree of contamination, a wide range of cleaning agents are available for cleaning. ZEISS application engineers recommend stylus cleaning wipes or microfiber cloths.

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