Tomostage Kit Standard Ø170x500mm  product photo Front View L
Tomostage Kit Standard Ø170x500mm  product photo

Pallet systems

Tomostage Kit Standard Ø170x500mm

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The OmniFix TomoStage is the fixture for maximizing machine utilization. The fixture can measure multiple products on two or more levels. The modular design allows the number of levels to be reduced or increased depending on the product. This allows the measuring range of the machine to be optimally utilized.

  • Flexible: Levels can be moved down or up
  • Modular: The fixture can be equipped with magnetic plates or foam plates.
  • Maximum machine utilization: Set machine and run multiple scans.
Product Type
Pallet System

Scope of delivery:

  • Basic rack Ø170x500mm
  • 9 clippers for the levels
  • 3 levels with magnets

Product note

The pallet system can be used for the following machines:

  • Metrotom 800
  • Metrotom 1500
  • Metrotom VoluMax Titan

The OMNIFIX Tomostage is also available in the versions:

  • Ø170x340
  • Ø100x340
  • Ø70x340

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