VAST XXT Styli with M3 thread were developed especially for ZEISS VAST XXT measuring probes. ZEISS M3 XXT styli have a much higher rigidity than conventional M3 styli. This stiffness is achieved through a 1 mm larger diameter of the XXT adapter with a titanium allow base body. This alloy also makes the adapters significantly lighter than steel, non-magnetic and corrosion resistant. In the M3 XXT range, different stylus elements (sphere, ball cylinder etc.) made of different materials and different shaft designs (shape, material) are available.

  • Standard styli
    Standard styli
    Spherical styli with straight and stepped shafts are used for all standard applications.
  • Clamping styli
    Clamping styli
    ZEISS clamping styli - the flexible solution
  • L-styli
    ZEISS L styli for measuring undercuts.
  • T-styli
    T-styli for the measurement of opposite undercuts.
  • Star styli
    Star styli
    Star styli enable measurements in different coordinate directions.
  • Reference styli
    Reference styli
    Reference styli with maximum accuracy
  • Knurled styli
    Knurled styli
    ZEISS Knurled styli for fast exchange
  • Hemisphere styli
    Hemisphere styli
    Large diameter - low weight
  • Diamond!Scan®
    Diamonds for metrologists
  • Spherical cylinder styli
    Spherical cylinder styli
    Spherical cylinder stylus for edge measurement and surfaces