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Cleaning rubber fine product photo


Cleaning rubber fine

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This flexible sanding eraser is perfect for all kinds of material-friendly, removing sanding tasks. It is used mainly for cleaning the granite in measuring machines. For example, aluminium traces can be removed easily and thoroughly. Due to its special formula, this cleaning rubber effectively removes coating and corrosion and creates a scratch-free, light matt finish, including protection against new coating.

  • fast cleaning of stubborn dirt
  • easy to use
Product Type
Cleaning Eraser

Dimensions: 80 x 50 x 20 mm Grit size: 240 (min 240 particles per cm2) Color: gray (uncolored) Application: dry and wet/soaked Effect: fine matting, scratch-free removal

Product note

Note that this cleaning gum is not recommended for cleaning keys. Cleaning of key balls with a grinding wheel can significantly impair accuracy (especially roundness)

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