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Cleaning kit (English version)

$ 100.00Sales tax not included

Cleanliness in measurement technology is important. Contamination on the machine, accessories or components can result in measurement errors and thus cause high costs. Our cleaning kit helps to keep your coordinate measuring machine clean.

  • Certified ZEISS quality
  • complete starter package
  • all individual components available in the store
Product Type
Cleaning Kit

Cleaning kit consisting of:

1x 000000-1359-469 Microfiber cloth 1x 000000-0084-895 Cleaning agent for measuring plates made of natural hard stone 1L 1x 626119-0010-006 Stretch glove with PU coating 1x 626119-0006-037 ZEISS accessories manual english 6x 626119-0010-020 ZEISS stylus cleaning cloth english

Product note

Cleanliness in metrology is very important. Our cleaning kit helps to tidy up your coordinate measuring machines.

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