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TEMPAR® precision US

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Temperature Monitoring

The precision package for higher requirements regarding the measuring uncertainty of temperature sensors. Additionally, the temperature sensors precision are age-resistant. Besides nine temperature sensors it contains a console as well as a humidity sensor. The measuring room class is indicated automatically.

Product note

For the usage in plenums in accordance with NFPA-262 / UL 910 (CMP) the package with plenum rated cables (extension US) is required. The package TEMPAR® precision contains: 1x console 9x single sensor temperature precision 9x DAkkS calibration temperature sensor precision 1x single sensor humidity 1x DAkkS calibration humidity sensor 2x cable 10 m 3x cable 5 m 2x cable 3 m 1x cable 0,3 m 2x ceiling bracket for 1 sensor 4x ceiling bracket for 2 sensors including documentation.

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